Music at the Festival

Live Music at the Eastbourne Beer Festival

Image by Graham Huntely

Great vibes, fun times!

Beer drinkers can dance the night away from Thursday to Saturday to a festival soundtrack of glam rock, 80's classics and rock and pop music.

Headlining the live music stage across the weekend will be Unihorn, Stray Dogs and Fat Freddie and The Queens who will be performing classics to get toes tapping to the beat.


Thursday 10 October

Live music timings for Thursday to be announced...

Joel White

Joel White is dynamic, musical and entertaining in equal measure. Soul, Blues, Jazz and Funk are the languages he most fluently speaks. Since the age of 7 playing music has been a part of his life, starting with guitar then diversifying and adapting to becoming a multi-instrumentalist and accomplished songwriter.

The Rufus Stone Band


Live music at Eastbourne Beer Festival

Friday 11 October

18:15-19:00 & 19:15-20:00 - Glam Rox

A Glam Rock covers band From Hastings in full 70s costume, and musical talent ta boot!

20:30-21:30 & 21:45-22:45 - Unihorn

Come and join Eastbourne’s favourite five-piece as they rock their way through Saturday evening. A covers band that play all your favourites from T-Rex and the Rolling Stones to the Killers and Queen with everything in-between.
Amidst the high energy drums, throbbing bass lines and screaming guitars, frontman Steve will have you singing along and dancing the night away.

Live music at Eastbourne Beer Festival

Saturday 12 October


11:45-12:30 & 12:45-13:30 - ToonTones Jazz

Take an orchestrally trained and very musical double bass player – Tomas Siroky, add a percussionist James Asher, who is also a producer and writer that has spent many years in the studio playing with other musicians on his own and other artists material, and finally add a very seasoned experienced guitarist with a sophisticated but characterful style – Bruce Knapp – very familiar with a number of genres including jazz, blues, folk, classical and rock, and you have the bones of the band.

14:00-14:45 & 15:00-15:45 - Stray Dogs

Stray Dogs are made up of Alex Grayson and Garry Wonfor originally from London. Two of their albums have been recorded on the Delta record label and have had many gigs all over UK. Stray Dogs have a talent that lends itself perfectly to the recording studio, though they’re even better live. Their first album, in 1998, was an acoustic reworking of Simon & Garfunkel songs, which they followed up in 2001 with “Unplug the Beatles”.


18:30-19:15 & 19:30-20:15 - Bedraggled

All your favourite party hits from the 70s, 80s and 90s!

20:45-21:30 & 21:45-22:45 - Fat Freddie & The Queens

A musical tribute to the legendary band Queen!

Eastbourne Beer Festival Music 2019