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Other drinks on offer at Beer & Cider by the Sea

Harvey's dray at Beer & Cider by the Sea
As well as a range of over 60 real cask ales* on tap and plenty of award winning ales, visitors will also be able to try lots of delicious beverages from the Wine Bar and the International Bottled Beers Bar, for a taste of many tipples from around the world.

* Subject to availability.

Try a Cocktail...

Cocktails on offer at Beer & Cider by the Sea

If you fancy tasting something different then try these array of cocktails!

Apperol Spritz - Classic Italian cocktail of Aperol, prosecco and soda.

Woo Woo - Archers peach schnapps topped with vodka and cranberry juice, served on ice, deliciously fruity.

Malibu Sunset - A sweet blend of coconut rum, pineapple and grenadine. Served with a cherry garnish - punchy and irresistible.

Generation Distillers

Generation Distillers

11 generations ago, our distant cousin Mary, married William of Orange who brought Jenever, from which modern gin descended with him to England. Together as King and Queen, their legacy was the Glorious Revolution, but they also inadvertently started a gin revolution which led to the infamous gin craze of the 18th century.

From our distillery in Sussex, we are making our own contribution to the gin story, celebrating the resurgence of gin and our heritage as Generation 11.

Harley House

Harley House Gin

Beer and Cider by the Sea are pleased to welcome back local Gin supplied by local favourites such as Harley House and many others.

Introducing our new 'Sussex inspired' range. Sussex Blue Gin will be sure to surprise you!

This magical gin is inspired by the Adonis Blue butterfly which can be found flying high throughout the county of Sussex.

The gin uses a series of botanicals including the addition of a medicinal flower from Asia which creates the iconic blue tint. What allows this gin to be a cut above and different is the magical properties it possesses.